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We install/service all Polaris World Golf Resorts. We understand the pitfalls that many clients have experienced and that some are still struggling with their A/C. This summer La Torre Golf Resort was experiencing vandalism/sabotage to the external condensing units, which are situated on the roof area. Somebody is cutting the small copper pipe thus releasing the refrigerant gas, also cutting power/communicating cables. We observed first hand that eight condensing units on an apartment block had their electrical covers removed, first downpour goodbye unit, our engineers replaced all of the covers.


If you are thinking of purchasing any property please make sure to have the A/C setup checked out, do not take the agents word that the A/C is working, or installed correctly.


We offer a FREE site survey (New Installations) take photographs, and send them, along with a full site report for your records.

 Please be advised the FREE site survey is not to ascertain why your system is not working.                      

      Photograph taken @ Condado de Alhama
Take a close look behind the Thor units; there are two other apartment pre-installed boxes.                                               EnthusiasticAmateur.jpg                         

       We will not mention the appalling state of the pipe work.